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Do-it-yourself Minecraft birthday party

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

A couple of years ago, we did a Minecraft themed birthday party for my son, Lucas. It was a huge hit with kids and the adults as well. I did a lot of research on Minecraft decorations and sward cakes on Pinterest before deciding on the design.. I was most anxious about making a Minecraft sward cake because it was the first time using a fondant for me. Thankfully I watched many how-to videos on YouTube, that helped me a lot. Minecraft decorations on the other hand were super easy and lot of fun to make.

DIY Minecraft Sward birthday cake:

DIY Minecraft Birthday Cake
DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

A couple of days before the party, bake a cake using your favorite cake recipe. Ours was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. If you have never made a cake using fondant I highly recommend watching YouTube tutorials. I know fondant looks intimidating but it's actually like a play dough and can be lot of fun.

Minecraft Birthday Cake
Minecraft Birthday Cake

  • I used Wilton fondant in green, black, brown and tan for this Minecraft sward cake.

  • I covered my chocolate cake with green fondant and made couple of Creepers with leftovers.

  • My husband cut out Lucas' name in Minecraft style font using black fondant, a ruler and a kitchen knife.

  • I cut tan and brown fondant squares to put on the sides and around the cake.

DIY Minecraft sward cake topper:

DIY Minecraft Sward Cake Topper
DIY Minecraft Sward Cake Topper

My husband, Dimitri did an amazing job with Minecraft sword cake topper.

  • Cut out two images of the same Minecraft sward. ( We printed the images off internet).

  • Put a sward cutout on a styrofoam board and use it as a stencil to cut styrofoam with a box cutter.

  • Glue two sward images on both sides of the styrofoam cutout,

  • Color the edges to complete the look.

  • Put toothpicks on the bottom of the sward to easily attach it to the cake.

Easy Minecraft balloons and party favors:

DIY Creeper Goody Bags for Minecraft Party
DIY Creeper Goody Bags for Minecraft Party

Party Favors for Minecraft Birthday Party
Party Favors for Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft goodie bags and balloons are super easy to make.

  • Blow up white, red an green balloons and draw Minecraft faces and TNT on them using a black Sharpie.

  • Draw creeper face on green goodie bags.

  • For favors we got Minecraft theme sun glasses, pencils and some little toys.

Diy Minecraft Birthday Party

We were very happy how everything turned out, especially Lucas!

DIY Minecraft Birthday party
Lucas's Minecraft Birthday Party

Hope our Minecraft birthday party will inspire you to make your own do-it-yourself party in the future.




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