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DIY Easy Tiki Decor for Luau Party

Updated: May 22, 2023

DIY Hawaiian Tiki Totem Decorations

I was going through some photos on my computer and came across cool DIY craft project that I made for my son's 6th grade graduation Luau party. I think celebration is the last thing on our minds right now with everything that's been going on with Corona virus, but I think it is important to try and do things that make us happy. And art and craft projects definitely make me happy so I thought I'd share this one with you.


* Empty boxes in various sizes, I used Amazon shipping boxes.

* Butcher's brown paper.

* Neon construction paper.

* Acrylic paint in white, black and brown.

* Scotch tape

* Glue stick

* Scissors


Gather your empty boxes and stack them on top of each other staring with the largest box on the base so you will have an idea how your boxes will look together. I don't recommend staking them too tall because they might fall down. I would keep them under 5-6 feet tall.


Once you have your poles figured out it's time to wrap them in butcher's paper. I did this just like I would wrap my Christmas gifts, using scotch tape.


I used flat painter's brush to paint stripes over butcher's paper to create illusion of wood grain on the boxes. Set the boxes aside to let the paint dry.

Supplies for DIY Tiki Totem Poles
Supplies for DIY Tiki Totem Poles


Gather your neon construction paper and start cutting out different shapes. I like using neon because it doesn't fade and looks awesome with other Tiki decor. I stared cutting oval shapes for eyes. I used Pinterest for inspiration. You can get very creative here. I had cut out random shapes and put them on the box where the face would be. After I decided on my design I glued the cut outs on the boxes.

DIY Supply for Tiki Totem Poles


To make their faces more interesting I painted black pupils onto the neon eyes. After that I painted mouthes black and let them dry. Once dry I added teeth with white paint. Then glued rest of my neon shapes wherever I liked, also added some stripes and dots with black and white paint to give it a finished look. I stacked the boxes on top of each other with double sided tape to prevent falling.

DIY Easy Tiki Decor for Luau Party
DIY Easy Tiki Decor for Luau Party

It was a very fun project and you can get very creative with it. My Tiki totem poles were a hit at my son's graduation party. Hope you will have as much fun as I did making these.




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i love this idea so cool

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